Janine Bebbington Photography

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Well hello there.  Welcome to Janine Bebbington Photography.  I'm a pet exclusive photographer and I'm based in Lancaster.  Photographing dogs is a real challenge - you just never know what they are going to do next!  And that's what I enjoy!  I'm not interested in photographing dogs in a studio setting.  I think that the place to capture the spirit of the dog is outside in the field.

I am currently taking commissions for dog photography.  Dogs work their way into our lives and our hearts and what's more, they become extremely significant members of our families.  However, people find it really difficult to get a decent photograph of their dogs - black dogs disappear into shadows, white dogs shine like glow worms, dogs move too fast and end up as blurry trails, they certainly are a challenge!

So, book a session with me, take me for a walk with your dog and let's get a gorgeous collection of photographs  of one of your best friends.  Sessions take as long as they take, and if they include a cup of tea and a natter, that's even better.  At the end of the session, you'll get a lovely  8x6 print and access to an online gallery where you can purchase more prints and all sorts of other spectacular wall art and photo mementos.  

Keep reading and looking. I do hope I can work for you  :)

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