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All About Me

Hi there.  I am Janine Bebbington.  This is not a photo of me - this is our Welsh Springer Spaniel - the magnificent Prudence.

I've always been interested in photographing animals - if I were a bit more adventurous, I'd be at the North Pole, filming polar bears.  However, for me, snapping dogs is the next best thing - so the North Pole's loss is North Lancashire's gain!  

I enjoy the challenge of capturing animals on film - their unpredictability makes every shoot different.  It's not just about snapping a dog - in order to do a good job, you have to be able to work out what motivates them - different dogs have different motivators:  It can be food, movement, toys - but working out what makes them tick is exciting - it's like cracking a code.

My greatest teacher of course is Prudence, my eight-year-old Welsh Springer Spaniel.  When we go out, I generally take my camera with me and set shots up with her.  We went photographing in Morecambe the other day and a little old man came over and told me that he had never seen a dog take direction for a photograph like Prudence! She's well used to it though (and often gets a bit bored - I see her "just throw the ball face" in some of my shots).

I also volunteer up at Animal Care in Lancaster and have been snapping two dogs a week for their website.  I read somewhere that rescue dogs stand a much greater chance of adoption if they have good profile shots, so for an hour or two a week my friend Anne and I go up and take out two "models".  It's hugely rewarding and a very different session to going out with Prudence. 

I think that if I couldn't take amazing photographs of my dog Prudence, I'd probably be looking to book someone who could.  That's why I have decided to offer this service.

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