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This Christmas, why not buy your friend or loved one a dog photography session?  

Obviously, this gift idea only works if your friend has a dog.  However, I bet having a set of professionally shot photos of the family pet is probably something that most people would like, but never get round to doing (and probably regret not doing):  Here's your chance to give a meaningful, long lasting, experiential present (this voucher ticks so many boxes  - you will be so popular!)

So what do you get?

You get a Janine Bebbington Photography Voucher and a kilner jar crammed full of bones for the dog - that way, everyone has something to unwrap on Christmas Day.

What does the voucher include?

+ a one hour photo shoot of your dog 

+ 5 edited thumbnail images that you can share on social media

+ a gallery-full of edited images of your dog that you can purchase

+ a 8"x6" print of your favourite image

What do I do?

I shoot photographs of your dog in the place where your dog loves to be!  I'm not into studio shots of dogs - my dog is happiest on a walk - and that's where I like to capture dogs.  During a session I work with the owner to get the best out of their dogs in front of the camera.  Wherever possible I like to work with dogs off lead.  However if your dog can't be off lead, we'll Photoshop it out in post production.  

I work with Canon cameras and long lenses so I'm not in your dog's face.  Sessions are always fun and always return a variety of photos of your dog in action as well as portrait shots - I try to catch the spirit of your dog too so that when you look at your shots, they are not just lovely dog shots - they are lovely dog shots of your dog :).  I like to shoot when the light is good and so will try to pick the best of conditions - if the conditions aren't good, we'll re-arrange - there's no point in going out to photograph on a day when the light is poor.  Sometimes, I've taken owners out with their dogs at 7:00 in the morning to catch the best light - home in time for breakfast!

What does it cost?

A Yule Dog Voucher costs £75

How do I buy a Yule Dog Voucher?

That's easy - you just need to call me on 01524 841031 or drop me an email at janine@gorgeousmedia.co.uk - with the title YULEDOG VOUCHER - and we'll start the process straight away.  I'm sorry I don't have an online booking system or anything like that - but you see, I'm a bit old fashioned!  I like to talk to you!

Photos of where your dog loves to be...

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